About the company

mReh is a Start-up company established to develop and commercialise MobiReh, the first remote rehabilitation system based on the novel combination of wearable sensors and mobile technologies that will allow patients to carry out the rehabilitation at home under the supervision of physiotherapists.

mReh was established by a group of passionate individuals, with extensive knowledge and experience in medicine, biotechnology, ICT technologies, and programming. Owing to the innovative approach and strong growth potential, mReh has attracted attention from renowned scientific partners, investors and healthcare institutions right from the beginning. The most significant business partners and R&D cooperatives of mReh include: IMIcare Medical Centre in Cracow, CMC-Cracow Medical Centre, 5th Military Hospital with Polyclinic in Cracow, W Investments S.A. WinQbator Sp. z o.o., the Institute of Physiotherapy in the Faculty of Health Sciences Jagiellonian University Medical College, The University School of Physical Education in Cracow and AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow.

mReh’s vision is to become the world leading provider of remote rehabilitation systems utilising a unique combination of specialised software and wearable sensors. The company’s strategy for accelerated growth is based on investments in R&D endeavours that facilitate the development of innovative products and services, securing a competitive edge on the international market.

MobiReh establishes in this way a new remote rehabilitation delivery model on the market. The mobile and wireless technologies embedded in the system will connect patients and specialists in an innovative way, allow for the improvement of PTs and patients relations, and based on those relations allow for the provision of improved medical care.

As the mobile applications embedded in MobiReh support interactions between the patients and medical personnel, the patient will be ensured a new quality of the rehabilitation procedures and better personalisation of the healthcare.

In all, MobiReh allows for:

  • Shortening the waiting time for rehabilitation,
  • More personalised rehabilitation based on real-time patient’s medical data acquisition,
  • The ability to perform therapy in different locations at different times,
  • Assistance in proper physiotherapy execution,
  • Control of the physiotherapist of the patient’s rehabilitation – remote patient monitoring,
  • Servicing several patients by one physiotherapist at the same time,
  • The ability to provide rehabilitation services to a wider group of patients.