mobiReh platform

MobiReh will take the existing rehabilitation standards to a new level of interactivity and mobility. It is the first interactive system developed to support a rehabilitation process at home. The system will connect the patient with a specialist and support remote cooperation, information flow and supervision of the rehabilitation. The system will include 3 major modules:

Mobile application for patients – an application that presents an individualised and prescribed rehabilitation program day by day. The exercise sets are presented via audio-visual 3D animations accompanied with clearly written instructions. Patients exercising with the application will be motivated to follow the rehabilitation program every day. By empowering the patient with the possibility to communicate with a specialist via a mobile application, the motivation levels and the chances of compliance with the therapeutic recommendations will increase.

Web platform for specialists or physiotherapy institutions – web application that gives physiotherapists/specialists access to an extensive exercise database from which they can create customised exercise programs according to the specific needs of their patients. They will also be able to create and design new sets of exercises using a special editing programme.

Innovative set of sensors (wearable) that monitor patient body movements. The system allows verifying correctness of movements and examining the way in which the patient performs the exercises. The sensors provide the patients and the specialists with the desired safety and protection levels during the remote rehabilitation process and deliver medical data that can be used to analyse, optimise and individualise the rehabilitation progress.