Platform for specialists

This innovation project, prepared by the mReh company, will create MobiReh – a novel remote rehabilitation system based on the combination of wearable medical sensors and mobile & wireless technologies.

The new system will transform the established traditional rehabilitation models (where the patient is required to undergo physiotherapy at the physiotherapy centre) into an interactive, patient-centred and cost efficient mHealth physiotherapy solution performed in the home environment of the patient.

Our project aims to commercialise a service that will allow physiotherapists to monitor the exercises performed by the patient, collect medical data regarding the patient’s rehabilitation performance and provide feedback to the patient to improve motivation rate and therapy results.

MobiReh will include:

  • a mobile application and wearable sensors for patients and
  • a web platform for specialists.

To date, mReh has managed to establish a strong network of partners and investors who support the company in its efforts of taking the system to the mHealth market. If successful, MobiReh will establish its own space on the mHealth market and boost societal acceptance for mobile technologies deployed for rehabilitation purposes.

Edytor ćwiczeń

We cooperate with:

  • Institute of Physiotherapy in the Faculty of Health Sciences Jagiellonian University Medical College – Presently, the Faculty of Health Sciences is composed of three institutes: the Institute of Nursing and Midwifery, Institute of Public Health, and Institute of Physiotherapy. Departments of the Faculty carry out wide-ranging research activities and its employees serve as consultants supporting healthcare services. As part of its scientific activity, the Faculty undertakes an interdisciplinary approach to medical prevention, diagnostics, treatment, care, and rehabilitation. The Faculty has established scientific and academic cooperation with foreign centers (including universities) in Maastricht, Sheffield, Rennes, Lailly-en-Val, Granada, Copenhagen, Pilsen, Kaunas and Kristianstad


  • The University School of Physical Education in Cracow – originated in 1893, as a department of the Jagiellonian University. In 1951, it became an independent institution of higher education, and now it occupies its own campus. The university is equipped with classrooms and laboratory space, and an enormous sports hall – 4,026 square meters. Here are three major fields of study: Physical Education, Physiotherapy (more often referred to in Poland as Rehabilitation) and Tourism and Leisure. The university concentrates especially on physiological and psycho-motor researches.