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Public healthcare expenditures are continuously increasing in the EU, putting high fiscal pressure on governments and private units to find more effective healthcare solutions. In 2012, healthcare expenditures ranged from 6.0 % of GDP in Latvia to 11.4% of GDP in Switzerland and were on average 8,7% of GDP in EU-28. Population aging, poor physical activity and unhealthy diet are the main reasons for an increased number of chronic diseases (e.g. musculoskeletal diseases), and for an increased healthcare request. As patients suffering from MSC normally require long periods of hospitalisation and rehabilitation, the costs can easily escalate.

Musculoskeletal conditions (MSC) are among the leading causes of chronic pain and physical disability, and have a serious impact on the increasing costs of healthcare provision. With the growing prevalence rates of MSC physiotherapists (PTs) are forced to deal with an increasing number of patients.

From a patient’s perspective, long waiting times for therapy may potentially discourage them from the implementation of rehabilitation recommendations and prolong recovery. In this context, a clear business opportunity for commercialisation of a new rehabilitation system exists that can alleviate the socio-economic burden of MSC.

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